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4-Week Workout Guides

Whether you're just starting out - or starting over again - this month-long workout plan can help you get on (and stay on!) track with your goals, help you feel stronger, & boost your overall health & fitness! 

GOAL: Commit to a consistent 30 days of activity

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced Fitness Levels available!



EQUIPMENT NEEDED: A set of dumbbells + a chair or bench

LOCATION: Your home! Or wherever you want!

HOW IT WORKS: Simply follow the weekly workout calendar. ​

*These workout plans are NOT for people who have any injuries/limitations/chronic conditions which can be affected by exercise. Do not attempt these workouts without first getting medical clearance from your team of doctors + healthcare professionals.*

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4-Week Workout Guide

Beginner: You just started working out or you've been dabbling in exercise for 6 months or less. You mainly participate in low-intensity cardio-based workouts.

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4-Week Workout Guide

Intermediate: You've been consistently working out for 6 months - 1 year and have a solid foundation of both cardio & strength training.

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4-Week Workout Guide

Advanced: You've kept a consistent, progressive workout (including strength & cardio for at least 1-2 years.

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4-Week Workout Guide

BUNDLE DEAL: ALL 3 fitness levels!

Upper Body Workout Guide

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*These are NOT full workouts that you can follow along with. I provide short video clips so you can learn how to do each exercise.*

PDF: Building Muscle Post-Op Bariatric Surgery with Dietitian Katie

Get access to 75+ slides from a presentation I did with Katie Dickerson, Bariatric Dietitian


• body composition (fat vs muscle mass)

• RMR - Resting Metabolic Rate 

• factors that influence muscle growth

• tips for getting started w/ resistance training workouts

• electrolytes + exercise 

• calculating personal calorie needs 

• calculating personal macronutrient goals

• muscle growth + importance of PROTEIN

• pre-workout meals

• post-workout meals

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