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125+ Pieces of Advice FROM Bariatric Patients FOR Those Just Starting Their WLS Journey

About two weeks ago I asked in one of my Instagram stories, "If you had one piece of advice to offer someone just starting on their bariatric journey, what would it be?" And I got SO many responses (over 125 answers!) Many of them had the same message: Be patient. Follow the guidelines. Be kind to yourself.

Read them for yourself:

  1. Inform! Inform! Inform! Talk to as many people as possible, who had surgery!

  2. Forgive yourself.

  3. Understand why you gained weight and what has stopped you before. Know your triggers.

  4. Stick with it. Stick to the advice. It will work!

  5. Don’t compare yourself to others.

  6. Do it for yourself first!

  7. Listen to your body.

  8. Chew your food.

  9. Find yourself an awesome team of specialists who you trust to see you through the journey.

  10. Do it now, don’t wait!

  11. Find a good therapist.

  12. Do the work to create new habits.

  13. Start now.

  14. Love yourself!! Even at your biggest.

  15. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t compare your journey to others.

  16. It’s not an easy fix. There is more work than you think. But the results are worth it all!

  17. Commit to following your doctor’s plan for at least the first year.

  18. Do it.

  19. Relax. Don’t stress and take your time to collect all the information possible.

  20. It will be the best decision of your life. Just go for it.

  21. Be kind to yourself!

  22. Start therapy as soon as possible.

  23. Do it! And get ready, prepare yourself to embrace the changes.

  24. This is a very hard change. There is no going back. Do it!

  25. Just do it.

  26. That it’s hard. I am 2 weeks out from surgery and I have lost 22 pounds + counting. The end will be priceless.

  27. Keep trying. You can’t see progress without time. Be diligent and patient.

  28. Exercise immediately.

  29. Listen to your body.

  30. It’s okay to be scared.

  31. Self-compassion. There will be struggles!

  32. Listen to your body.

  33. Don’t give up. Never too late to start!

  34. Consistency is key - Keep at it, even if it isn’t perfect.

  35. It is a process, be patient.

  36. It’s your journey, no one else’s. Don’t compare yourself to others.

  37. Be kind to yourself.

  38. Learn to eat slowly.

  39. You have to mentally prepare for the changes before you actually go through them.

  40. It will all be okay! You made the right decision.

  41. Be patient.

  42. It’s a long, hard journey. It’s frustrating. Don’t give up, freak out, or complain. It’ll happen!

  43. It’s not the number on the scale that counts, it’s how you feel that matters!

  44. Be kind to yourself!!

  45. Consistency. Move every day in some fashion and meal prep and measure.

  46. Get someone to work out with you every day!!

  47. It’s worth it. Your body will thank you for it and emotionally you will feel great!

  48. Each day is a new day. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

  49. Believe!

  50. Take all of the before photos!!

  51. Follow your surgeon’s/dietitian’s advice.

  52. Change your eating habits as much as possible before the surgery.

  53. Just move. It doesn’t have to be planned. Just move.

  54. Be patient and kind with yourself.

  55. The first week after surgery is the hardest.

  56. Don’t give up. Trust the process & do the work.

  57. Stick to your plan!

  58. Fight for yourself!

  59. Everyone loses at their own pace. Do not let someone else’s achievements discourage you.

  60. Have patience. It’s a journey, not a race.

  61. Be patient with yourself and celebrate small goals.

  62. Research but take it all with a huge grain of salt. We’re all different.

  63. Be patient with yourself.

  64. Be patient.

  65. Be open to adjusting everything.

  66. Trust the process.

  67. Be patient. Trust the process, and keep walking!!!

  68. Find your support system (family, friends, etc.)

  69. Prepare your mind for a big change! I just had the surgery two weeks ago.

  70. Small changes at a time.

  71. Be patient.

  72. Start drinking protein shakes now!

  73. Remember that it is NOT easy but it gets better!

  74. You can do this!

  75. Don’t compare your journey to others.

  76. Read as much as you can. Ask all the questions. Be ready to commit to a lifelong journey.

  77. Workout daily.

  78. Stay positive. Any doubts, get rid of them! Or postpone, because there are hard days!

  79. Don’t compare your journey to anyone else.

  80. Not everyone loses all of their weight the first year.

  81. It’s not overnight. It’s a process!

  82. Patience.

  83. Take it one day at a time. Trust the process.

  84. Be patient.

  85. See a psychologist regularly.

  86. Work on mindset BEFORE surgery and move, move, move!

  87. Research surgeons, take vitamins, educate yourself. Keep track of what you eat!

  88. It’s worth it!

  89. Your journey will be different from others and that's okay!

  90. Start slow and small. Don’t give up! Each step is progress!

  91. Get a therapist or close friend to share your thoughts with.

  92. Be patient and forgiving with yourself.

  93. Take all the pictures and measurements.

  94. Focus more on the NSV.

  95. Drink water. Lots of it.

  96. Be patient.

  97. Do not compare yourself to others!!

  98. Just do it already!

  99. . 99% of the journey is mental.

  100. . Make sure you intake the necessary protein.

  101. . Take ALL the pictures.

  102. Commitment.

  103. It’s a long process but don’t quit! It also feels overwhelming but you’ll get through it.

  104. The mental aspect is the hardest. Start there.

  105. Find your community and stick to them!

  106. You will not do every single thing perfectly and that’s okay.

  107. Give yourself some grace.

  108. Do as much as you can before surgery. Lose weight, exercise, and eat healthy.

  109. Patience. You might not lose as fast as you would want. But each step, even the small ones, is good.

  110. You’re worth the hard work.

  111. Exercise as soon as you are cleared too!

  112. Trust the process!

  113. Be patient.

  114. Start your exercise journey sooner than later!

  115. Don’t overthink the process.

  116. Give yourself grace.

  117. Don’t do yourself a disservice. Journal all of your foods. Be honest with yourself.

  118. This is a life change that is worth it!

  119. Do not compare yourself to others. We are all different and our journeys are different, too!

  120. Start forming new habits now! It makes it easier after surgery since it’s already in your routine.

  121. Trust the process and follow the instructions. This works only if you follow it correctly.

  122. Stay away from slider foods!

  123. Please make sure to keep exercising!

  124. Listen to your body.

  125. Take every one day at a time.

  126. Don’t give up the first time it gets hard. I promise it’s with it!

  127. Take one day at a time and enjoy every victory. Take pride in every step.

  128. Know that the majority of this journey is mental!

  129. Be patient and kind to yourself.

  130. Remember why you started and never lose faith. The journey wasn’t made to be easy.

If you need any support or have any questions, please reach out via Instagram or email!


The Bariatric Trainer


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