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Can Exercise Help Combat Hair Loss? + Top Recommendations for Healthy Hair from a Pro!

Healthy, vibrant, bouncy hair. We all want it and yet, we find ourselves stumped on how to make it happen. Let me break it down for you in 3 easy steps!


Is there anything a good sweat session couldn’t help?! If you are looking to maximize your hair growth/health you want to absolutely get your jazzercise on. The more you increase your blood flow, the more blood goes to your scalp thus increasing your hair growing power.

After a good workout I do recommend you rinse your hair and massage with the pads of your finger tips to break up some of the sebum. Going more than 4 days without a proper shampoo will not do your hair any favors and washing too often will kick up the oil production making it greasy fast, it's a balance, but finding your shampoo/workout rhythm will help you maximize your hair growth/health potential.

The Inversion Method is a great massage technique to add to your arsenal as well if you are looking to grow your hair fast and that deals with intermittent inverted scalp massages.

Scalp health.

We all know that one friend who pushes her hair past the limit with dry shampoo and only uses drug store shampoo then complains about a greasy scalp and dry crunchy ends. Don’t be her!

Greasy scalp and dry ends comes from using shampoos and conditioners with fillers in them, they coat the hair causing a waxy build up which usually leads people to think their hair has “gotten used to” the shampoo and they need to switch. No! Your hair is reacting to the fillers and they’re destroying the integrity of your hair+scalp.

I personally use Under Luna Warrior Shampoo because not only is Under Luna a woman owned company, but its completely green, made in small batches and focuses on scalp health. Scalp scrubs are another amazing way to give you that extra healthy foundation to build on and Davines makes my favorite, Solu Sea Salt Scrub. I don’t even recommend a lot of salon brands because, honestly, they have a lot of fillers too. So please, do your research before investing!


Yes, staying properly hydrated keeps your hair growing and flowing. If you are only drinking coffee, sugary drinks and you’re not giving your body water, your hair will be very unhappy, slow growing and frizzy. When you are dehydrated your hair will start to reach out into the atmosphere to get the moisture it needs. Hello frizz! So, stay sippin' on that hydro flask or your fav coconut water and your hair will thank you.

If you have recently had surgery, a traumatic event or just massive stress, do not worry! You hair loss will subside over time and if you are able to find a eco friendly shampoo line that you love, it will give your hair the best chance of being full, vibrant and healthy!

Candice Cooper

I am not a doctor, so I can not give medical advice but, I am a licensed Cosmetologist in 3 states and have a good deal of knowledge on the woes of normal hair loss/growth/health and how to build a strong foundation for future health/growth.


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