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8 Truths About Starting An Exercise Program

TRUTH #1: You NEED to exercise at some point. In some way/shape/form. The most successful WLS patients have made exercise a part of their lifestyle. You will thank yourself so much in the future if you start NOW.

TRUTH #2: Bariatric surgery is only a tool. Diet and exercise are the second & third best tools you can use to enhance your quality of life and maintain a healthy weight lifelong.

TRUTH #3: Weight loss and fitness are two different things. While exercise can help with weight loss and weight maintenance, improving your physical fitness and adopting a more active lifestyle can have such a positive effect on the way you live your life. Getting out of bed is easier, sleeping is better, your mood will improve, stress will decrease...

TRUTH #4: Everyone can do SOME type of movement. Whether it's arm circles while sitting, modified jumping jacks, or a single lap around the block. There are no excuses. Your body was made to MOVE and it is my mission to get you to move it!!

TRUTH #5: It's not always going to be easy. You are going to want to skip your workouts, give up halfway through, go hours without getting up, etc...You can't let your excuses win. The sooner you understand this, the easier this new lifestyle will be for you.

TRUTH #6: If you seriously stick with an exercise routine, you will notice a difference. It will take effort, commitment, and dedication. TRUTH #7: You are going to have to work at it. Aside from the obvious fact that you'll actually have to DO the workouts, you're still going to have to learn about different types of workouts, what works for you, what you like/don't like to do. TRUTH #8: You might not fall in love with being active on the first day. Give yourself time to find what you like to do and what works for your body and lifestyle. Remember: Many activities can be uncomfortable at first. That doesn't mean you won't start to enjoy it eventually!

Remember: It will be SO worth it!!


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